Stucco Coating

Master Guard® Wall Kote is an exterior, above-grade waterproofing and aesthetic coating system for a wide variety of commercial/industrial and residential wall and siding surfaces. Designed for use on exterior concrete, masonry, cement, cement composition panels and all types of wood and hardboard sidings, Wall Kote is extremely versatile.

Classified as a wallmastic, Wall Kote provides many benefits over traditional exterior paints.

1 018   -Wallmastics provide a much thicker protective coating, typically 8-12 dry mils, than regular paints (1-2 dry mils).

   -Due, in part, to their thicker consistency, wallmastics are also much more flexible than films formed by exterior paints. This is extremely important as your home or building expands and contracts with the weather conditions. Wall Kote truly is flexible armor against the elements. However, it is not all function at the expense of good looks. Wall Kote is available in a multitude of colors to meet your aesthetic needs.


  • 100 percent acrylic formulation Features tremendous tensile and elongation valuesStucco Coatings
  •  Easy application and clean-up
  •  Features a high-quality satin finish
  •  Can be custom tinted to over 940 standard colors

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