TPO / Hypalon

TPO (Thermo-Plastic Olefin) is fast becoming one of America's, and Santa Fe's, top roofing materials.


- Easy to apply

- Resists UV

- Energy Star Approved roofing system

- Extremely long life potential - 20-50 years  Materials and Application determine outcome.

- Minimal maintanence

However TPO's:

- Have potential weaknesses; at the seams and terminations - edges.

- Have a depriciating "shelf-life" - granted, sometimes it's fifty years! But, it is not sustainable.


   Our TPO, is actually a CPA (Copolymer Alloy). CPA roof membrane materials are produced by alloying polymeric plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides and antioxidants with PVC compounds. CPA roof membrane materials typically are produced in thicknesses ranging from 30 mils to 50 mils (1.3 mm). Some CPA roof membrane materials are resistant to some chemicals and may be resistant to certain oils and greases. Like PVC, and TPO membranes, CPA membrane laps are seamed by heat-welding according to a specific manufacturer’s recommendations. CPA's are more versitile than a TPO, because they can use a wider range of materials to creat the membrane, materials that have beneficial properties.

   Hypalon is the highest quality "TPO like" membrane available. Conklin's Hypalon membrane is called Hy-Crown, and there are many 30 year old Hy-Crown roofs that are still performing perfectly today.