Foam Re-Coating

Foam Re-Coat   Spray Polyuethane Foam (SPF) is a great insulator and considered to be a very "green" roofing material. But it is the coating over the foam that determines it's life. SPF left un-coated will degrade very quickly in the sun's rays, with-in months. So it is the coating that will determine the ultimate success or failure of a foam roof.

   A foam roof is a sustainable roofing system if the coatings are maintained and regularly inspected - once every year or two. Bug's, bird's, and gravel can make holes in the coating, allowing sun and moisture to begin to degrade the foam.  If the foam degradation goes too far, the foam will have to be torn out, prematurely. So a superior coating - one that is strong, and flexible - applied correctly - proper surface prep and thickness- is the only way to keep that great insulating, good looking roofing system performing for the entire life of the building. Our renewable warranties mean that your roof can always be under warranty, We use the best foam coatings available. Pressure Washing a Foam Roof


1. SWEEP Remove all gravel, dirt, debris.

2. PESSURE WASH Thoroughly, all areas to be coated.

3. APPLY A heavy layer of Conklin premium coatings.

 ⇒ 1.9 gallons per 100 square feet.

 ⇒ 26 wet mils*  13 - 14 dry mils   

                                *1 mil is .001 inch  

                                                         Foam Re-Coat                   



     75% - 85% Reflectivity                


Foam Re-CoatFoam Re-Coat








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