Green Benefits

Long Lasting:  Coatings resist and reflect the sun’s damaging UV rays and remain flexible during extreme daily temperature fluctuations. The benefit? Your roof will not degrade as quickly as traditional roofing systems and won’t crack during building movement.

Sustainability:  Unlike other roofing systems, coating systems can be renewed perpetually with periodic recoating with out adding excessive build-up  or weight to the roof meaning your roof never has to be torn off. 

Ease of Maintenance:  A light colored, smooth surfaced, seamless coating roofis much easier to inspect for leaks and repair than a rough or irregular surfaced roof with seams.

Saves Money: Restoring a roof surface with a roof coating system can cost 50% less than replacing the roof.  Advancing technology is producing coatings that are proven to greatly reduce the amount of heat transferred into your building in the Summer. Saving you money on cooling costs A coating roof will pay for itself with energy savings and inexpensive lifelong up-keep.

It’s The Green Thing To Do:  Roofing materials account for 10% of landfill space. This equates to billions of pounds annually.  A coating roof never needs to be torn off. Reflective roof surfaces reduce the urban heat island effect.  A coating roof requires less energy to apply and maintain than traditional roofing systems which require hot tar kettles, propane torches, and large trucks to haul and dump materials. Cick here to see the Energy Star rebate incentive for pitched roofs, when covered with light colored shingles or metal.
    Up to three LEED credits can be earned, with our roofing systems. one for minimizing the Heat Island Effect, one for Building Reuse and one for Construction Waste Management. (A roof that’s resurfaced rather torn off saves space in the landfill.)