Roof Restoration

Do you have one of these kinds of roof on your house now?

- Metal

- Modified Bitumen (BRAI or "Torch-Down")009

- EPDM (black rubber)


If so, we can restore it back to a waterproof, warrantied roofing system without having to replace your roof.

What we do is:

1. Pressure wash entire roof surface.

2. Reinforce and seal every existing seam in your roof.                         Modified Bitumen Roof

3. Then we apply one thick layer of our premium roof coating over the entire roof surface.

This is a seamless, roofing system that requires little maintenance and performs in any temperature and climate.

A restoration system comes with a ten year warranty on materials, and a five year labor gaurantee; both of which are renewable with a simple recoating.


   Restoration can cost 1/2 what it would cost to replace the same roof. These are proven systems that are energy efficient and cost effective.