Roofing Systems

We offer a wide range of modern roofing systems.


CPA / Hypalon   A CPA (CoPolymer Alloy) is similar to the more common TPO (Thermo-Plastic Olefin) in the sense that it is a large "rubber-like" membrane, that is rolled-out over the roof, fastened to the roof, and all seams are seal by "heat-welding" the two pieces of membrane together, with usually three inches lapping. But a CPA can use many more materials in its design that help it perfom.

                          STRONG                                  LONG LIFE

Ply System or Fabric Reinforced Coatings  Liquid applied (sprayer) acrylic latex roof coatings. Embedded with 100% polyester, tearproof fabric. A finished thickness of about 41 dry mils. - A mil is .001 of an inch, A piece of paper is about 3mils. It forms a thin (about 13 pieces of paper), but impenetrable roofing system. In fifteen to twenty years an inexpensive addition coat applied to the top, will reapply the original warranty to the roof.

                       ULTRA DURABLE                     SUSTAINABLE

Spray Polyuethane Foam A two chemical system that, when sprayed together, onto a surface will expand fifty times to one. Once dry, about 5 minutes time, the foam is so hard, that a person can walk on it with no problem. This foam seals every crack and hole, leaving a smooth, coat-able, surface. We use our same, premium, acrylic latex roof coatings to coat our foam. We apply a thick - 13 dry mils.-  base coat, and a thick - 13 dry mils. - top coat. Total about 26 dry mils. Again recoating years later re-applies the initial warranty.                                                *Polyuethane provides excellent insulation, making it a candidate for federal and state rebates and tax credits.

                      GREAT INSULATION                  SUSTAINABLE


And for pitched roofs

          - we install quality shingles and metal.  Both offer federal rebates.