Ply System

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Our Ply System is a Conklin Roofing System, for which we are certified applicators.  The Ply System must be put down over a smooth surface. - Plywood or OSB roof decking, concrete.


1. FULLY ADHEARED, means leaks can't "disapear" and travel between roofing material and wood roof deck. -This makes "Houdini" leaks that are hard to pinpoint.- Easy to find and see problems.

2. SUSTAINABLE, Re-Coating your roof for a minimal cost every 15 - 20 years is 1/2 the cost of re-roofing, and better for the environent. 

3. STRONG AND FLEXIBLE, Conklin's Spunflex 100% Polyester fabric*, combined with premium roof coatings*, once dry, have a tensile strength of 1400 psi., have an elongation factor of 300%, and remain flexible down to minus 40 degrees below zero. --- THIS MEANS the material will not crack or tear in any conditions.  * You can review these Conklin products here

4. SEAMLESS, Seams are "weak spots" that could fail or allow moisture to seep in and freeze, creating problems down the road. Eliminating seams, eliminates one possible "point of failure".Tar and Gravel Recovery With OSB





 1. Recover your existing roof to achieve a smooth surface. Either tear-off the existing roof to reveal the originalwood decking, OR, were tear-off is not necessary, we construct a new roof deck over the existing roof surface.

Rolling Out Fabric Into Wet Coatings


2. Apply the Ply System. The Ply System is three heavy coats of our premium acrylic latex roof coatings, with polyester fabric embedded between the first and second layer of coatings.




  The finished roof is clean, easy to maintain and sustain, worry free.

 Ply System Over Tar and Gravel      IMG_0373


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