Metal Restoration

 Hill-Top Roofing specializes in metal roof restoration. Conklin certified applicators have been restoring metal roofs for about 40 years. We have a proven system that stops all leaks. 

     FIRST - We pressure wash the entire roof.

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THEN - We caulk every bot head                                                                                                                   NEXT - We seal every seam with roof

                                                                               coatings and polyester fabric. 

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Butyl Tape instead of fabric and coatings    FINALLY - We tie all work together with a  thick top coat of our premium coatings.       


This roofing system comes with a ten year warranty on materials, and a five year labor gaurantee. A ten year "joint warranty" is available through the Conklin Co. We have had great success with this system. When done, your old metal roof will be converted into a seamless, fully reinforced roof, that is sustainable and energy efficient. We are experts at metal roof restoration, call for a free estimate or evaluation.